More Posts Soon

Spool was acquired by Facebook in mid-July and we’ve been focused on the transition since. I have a few posts about what we learned building Spool and what we learned during the acquisition process. I’m hoping to put them up in the next two weeks. I’m writing this post and publishing it as a way to commit to actually getting them done and published.

6 thoughts on “More Posts Soon

    1. Hah, you are correct. It’s been a busy few months at work. I have some posts drafted, just haven’t had a chance to edit them. Hopefully this summer… Thanks for the words of encouragement!

      1. Hey Avichal, even your unedited posts would be great. Don’t leave us hanging haha! I think your readers like your stuff enough that we’ll parse out the nuggets from your writing.

        Take care!

  1. Yes, more blog posts please! I just promised myself to write more as well, hours after reminiscing the wonderful world of blogrolls and links that used to exist a decade ago! Cheers!

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